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French agency specialising in digital marketing and e-commerce

Retis Consult, quality advice in digital marketing and e-commerce

Digital strategy, SEO, website creation, email marketing, social networks, e-shop conversion optimisation, regulatory compliance audit…

Our Digital Marketing and E-commerce services

The experts at Retis offer specialist digital consultancy to businesses (self-employed, SMEs, public sector) based in France, actively supporting the development of their digital initiatives.

At Retis, we align ourselves with your goals and requirements, offering a range of services that encompass Digital Marketing and E-commerce consultancy, strategy and execution.
Whether your aim is to develop your digital strategy, deploy and evaluate effective marketing campaigns, or build and refine your website, Retis is your partner to turn your ambitions into reality.

We operate throughout France (excluding the South West), the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Belgium (Wallonia, Brussels, Flanders).

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Retis, Activateur France Num

Since 2018, Retis has been one of the first activators of the « France Num » program.

France Num is the government initiative for the digital transformation of VSEs/SMEs steered by the Directorate General for Enterprise of the Ministry of the Economy in France.

Logo activateurs France Num

Audit, Consulting, Support and Training in Digital Marketing & E-commerce

In which areas do you need Retis expertise?

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Audit

By opting for our Digital Marketing Audit service, you will benefit from a detailed analysis of one or more elements of your online communication and marketing strategies.

Our E-commerce audit service provides you with a complete assessment of your company’s online shop, including a review of performance, procedures and technologies used.

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Consultancy

By opting for our Digital Marketing consultancy service, you will receive strategic guidance aimed at strengthening your online presence and increasing your digital influence.

Our E-commerce consultancy provides strategic support, detailed analysis, sound advice and customised solutions to boost your sales.

Digital marketing and e-commerce support

Retis’ digital marketing support involves in-depth collaboration to design bespoke and flexible digital strategies.

Our E-commerce support guarantees you ongoing help in developing your online presence, providing you with dedicated expertise and tailored support in developing and implementing personalised strategies.

In-house digital marketing and e-commerce project manager

By choosing our in-house Digital Marketing project manager service, you benefit from having one of our specialists join your team for a fixed period. This method provides specialist expertise for directing and implementing high-performance digital strategies directly at the heart of your business.

With our E-commerce in-house project manager offer, a Retis expert joins your team to take charge of coordinating and carrying out e-commerce projects, from strategic design through to operational implementation.

Speed Coaching in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

By opting for our Digital Marketing speed coaching offer, you gain access to express consultations. These short but intensive sessions offer direct, applicable solutions. Our specialists respond directly to your digital marketing questions, provide precise technical advice and help to boost your online impact.

E-commerce speed coaching provides you with immediate answers to your questions about the specific challenges of e-commerce, all via videoconference sessions.

Training in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

Our in-company training service, focused on Digital Marketing and E-commerce, will help your teams deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the areas of online sales and digital marketing, thanks to the expertise of our experienced trainers. Courses cover a variety of topics, including webshop management, logistics, RGPD compliance, social networking, payment solutions, and much more.

Retis is registered with Datadock.

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Our commitments

Assisting and supporting companies in their digital marketing and e-commerce activities.

Advise companies on implementing their projects or improving their e-shop and/or digital marketing.

Train companies to ensure their independence in managing their digital marketing campaigns and online sales activities.

Specialised experts in Digital Marketing and E-commerce

With over 20 years’ experience in the digital sector, our team of consultants and trainers design digital strategies that deliver real results for your business or online sales activity.

Our expertise spans a multitude of business sectors, covering both B2B and B2C products and services.

Damien Jacob fondateur de Retis

Damien Jacob

Founder of the Retis agency

Loic Vanhove consultant chez Retis

Loïc Vanhove

Consultant & Trainer

Pierre-Yves Gillet consultant chez Retis

Pierre-Yves Gillet

Consultant & Trainer

Tiffany Giguet Vergnieux consultante chez Retis

Tiffany Giguet Vergnieux

Consultant & Trainer

Adelyn Wanzoul consultant chez Retis

Adelyn Wanzoul


Israil Khantygov consultant chez Retis

Israil Khantygov

Consultant & Trainer

Margot Careme chargée de communication chez Retis

Margot Careme

Communications Manager

Marie-laurence Lefebure consultante

Marie-Laurence Lefébure


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